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DIY hair repair mask

This is one of the best and simplest hair masks that do wonders to your hair. It makes your hair look tremendously gorgeous. All the ingredients used in this hair repair mask are super easy to find as they are probably a permanent in your

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How to treat sun damaged hair

Have your hair become dull and lifeless? Have your hair lost the luster? If you believe that your hair have become dull, lifeless, white or gray or have lightened, then this is a must try for you! Sun emits harmful rays that have the potential

Olive Oil Night Cream

Are you one of those people who do not believe in using chemical based creams at night? Well, that’s a good thing! Our skin repairs itself at night and so using natural or ayurvedic chemical free products is the best thing you can do for

Easiest hair mask to get rid of dandruff!

Well, we all suffer from hair loss at some point in our lives! and with winters approaching, a lot of people start experiencing dandruff and itchy scalp. We use all kinds of shampoos and oils available in the market but none seem to work effectively.

Benefits of Olive Oil for hair

By now, we all know that olive oil is really good for our health and has tons of benefits like lowering the levels of cholesterol and blood pressure, preventing strokes, improving the immune system, etc. Olive oil is a fat obtained from the olive, a traditional

A Hair care treatment for all hair types

The raw egg is the best of all worlds for hair care. It is rich in protein and aids hair growth. It makes your hair long and shiny without the use of any chemical product that has many side effects. While eggs should be eaten

Curd and olive oil hair mask for curing dandruff

This hair pack is perfect for people who have a dry and flaky scalp. Curd is very good for reducing hair fall and dandruff. It makes hair soft and shiny. Benefits of curd: 1. Improves frizzy hair 2. Adds shine to dry hair 3. Reduces