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Lose weight easily

Lose weight by eating early

  Want to lose weight? Tried the only juice diet, the only fruit diet, the low-carb diet, with no lasting results? These diet plans are followed for a week or so and then forgotten. The hunger pangs can’t always be ignored. And it’s not easy

Eat a good breakfast

Diet and Health

Yesterday I told you about what to eat, how diet affects health, how one should eat properly to look good and be healthy, etc. Today I am going to tell you more about the importance of diet and what kind of diet you ought to

Lose weight this summer

Lose weight this summer

Well its summer now and I think we all have put on enough weight by gorging on hot, spicy and oily food during the winter. Well it is said that winter makes people hungry, I don’t know about you but it surely made me hungry

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How to look beautiful?

Have you always wanted to look cute, sexy, and hot? Do you want to shed those extra kilos, which have settled on your love handles? Do you want to get rid of those ugly spots on your skin? Do you want to have glossy, smooth,

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From fat to slim…..

No matter how much you try, are you finding it difficult to lore some extra calories? Well then, don’t fear because I am going to help you to lose those few kilos which are worrying you to death. After you follow my tips (religiously, mind

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How to control overeating?

Overeating is eating even when you are full. Overeating is eating even when you are not hungry. Most of us tend to over eat if we are sad, unhappy or in need of comfort or if we are too happy and excited. Some of us

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Do you have a potbelly that is causing some major embarrassment for you? Does your sheath dress put your belly fat on display? Does your formal two-piece suit show your paunch too much? Do you think twice before saying ‘yes’ to a party invitation because