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Bleach your hair with Chamomile Tea naturally

If you do not like to take the harmful effects of chemical bleaching agents and if you like to bleach your hair using natural bleaching agents no matter how much time and efforts it requires, then this is what you should be reading. Chamomile tea

Why should you go for a hot oil massage?

As we have always been told, oiling is very essential for the health of our hair. Oiling hair once or twice a week is a requirement. Oiling provides your hair with all the nutrients it has been lacking. It makes your hair look healthier and

The most basic hair care tips that do wonders!

Designer clothing, perfectly applied makeup and fine jewellery are all wasted if your hair is not in the best of its condition. Just by doing your hair properly you can transform your looks completely. So we bring you a set of right oiling, shampooing, drying

Eat a well balanced diet for good hair and health

Who in this world doesn’t want to look good and feel good? Everyone wants to look their best and be healthy, no one likes to be sick and everyone loves to feel good and look beautiful and slim and trim. The most important factor, which

drink lots of fluid to keep your body hydrated in summer

Stay healthy and fresh this summer

Most people do not like the summertime since this season brings with it a whole lot of problems. From the very beginning of summer there are onsets of skin problems, hair problems as well as health problems. The skin gets irritated easily and there are

Must follow tips for beautiful hair

Have you ever dreamed of having long, silky, soft, beautiful hair like the one the models and the actress have? Well now, it is easy to have the hair you have always dreamed of if you follow some simple steps.  Soon you will have the

Foods for healthy hair!

If you find more than a few hair on your pillow every morning, or quite a few in your hands when you comb or shampoo your hair, you may be suffering from hair loss! While shampoos and hair oil therapies promise more than they are

Three harmful hair care myths

While it is important to take good care of your hair to keep your hair healthy, there are some hair care regimens followed by people all over the world that are nothing but myths. These hair care steps do not do anything to make your

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How to clean different types of hair

When taking care of your hair you would have to remember the most important thing and that is to keep your hair squeaky clean. This is the basic requirement for health of your hair. But many people, in fact most people make the mistake of

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Solution for premature graying of hair

Who would not like to have a mane of shiny, healthy and beautiful hair? But unfortunately very few people are granted this wish. Even more unfortunate is the fact that the people who are granted this wish do not value this gift and end up