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Egg, green tea and flour face mask

We read and hear about the wonderful benefits of green tea from almost all sources from newspapers to friends. It is indeed a wonderful thing to drink. It is well known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. It is great for skin too. It contains

Vinegar egg conditioner for damaged hair

Hair are an important part of one’s looks. There is no doubt about the fact that silky and shiny hair enhance your looks like nothing else. Hair has the potential to change the looks of a person incredibly. Dry and damaged hair make you look

Hair mask for normal hair

Worried about your hair? Or bored of using the regular hair oil? Want to try something new and nourishing? Try this face mask for normal skin. this is probably the easiest to do and all the ingredients will be at your disposal. Just take out

2 protein rich egg hair packs

Our hair are mainly made up of keratin protein. Protein helps in repairing damaged hair and boosts hair growth. Protein treatments are one of the best treatments that you can offer to your hair. There are numerous protein treatments in salons, but if you prefer