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How to cure dandruff problems?

Dandruff is a very common problem and many people all over the world are troubled by this problem, irrespective of age or gender. While there are many causes for dandruff, the main cause for this problem increasing among people is unhealthy lifestyle, stress and the pollution. If you too are suffering from dandruff, there are three steps that you need to follow to get permanent cure. But first thing that you must do is stop worrying since it would only aggravate the problem further.

Step 1

Your very first step would be to consult a dermatologist to find out the reason behind the occurrence of dandruff in your scalp as well as to find out the kind of dandruff you have. Dandruff is basically of two types, oily dandruff that tend to stick to your scalp and dry dandruff that are much like powdery flakes. Most anti dandruff shampoos available in the market just wash the dandruff away instead of treating it from the roots. Hence consulting a dermatologist is absolutely necessary.

Step 2

Your next step would be to keep your scalp squeaky clean and that too with the help of proper products. Your doctor would be able to prescribe the products that would be suitable for your hair type and for your scalp, depending on the kind of dandruff you have and the cause of the dandruff. If the cause if just dry scalp it can be treated easily but if the cause is fungal infection, you need to be really careful. Make sure you use only the products that are prescribed to you and also use the products as per the instructions of the doctor. It is after all for your own benefit.


Dandruff Control Tips

Step 3

Your doctor can help you to get rid of your dandruff problem but to keep the problem at bay forever, make sure you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Diet is very important for a healthy scalp and a healthy scalp would be able to defend against dandruff recurrence. It would also be good if you can exercise a little everyday since the sweat would ensure that the pores of your hair are cleaned and unclogged. Drink lots of water and avoid using cosmetic products on your hair as much as possible.

Following the above steps religiously would surely ensure that you get relief from your problem of dandruff easily and forever as well.