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clean and tone your skin to keep your skin healthy in summer

How to keep your skin healthy in summer

Summer time is here with all the havoc it creates on the skin.  But since you cannot avoid this season you would have to find ways to take care of your skin in the summer such that it cannot destroy your looks. It is not

Three harmful hair care myths

While it is important to take good care of your hair to keep your hair healthy, there are some hair care regimens followed by people all over the world that are nothing but myths. These hair care steps do not do anything to make your

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How to clean different types of hair

When taking care of your hair you would have to remember the most important thing and that is to keep your hair squeaky clean. This is the basic requirement for health of your hair. But many people, in fact most people make the mistake of

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Melanin – an important part of healthy skin

Since ancient times, people have been craving for fair skin. Especially women have gone and still go to extreme ends to be fairer. If you too are one of such people, just pause and consider this fact before you put your skin through some cosmetic

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Importance of sunscreen for healthy skin

Most people spend fortunes on cosmetic products and on beauty salons to look good but forget one essential product to add to their beauty kit and that is a sunscreen. There are many people all over the world who take sunscreens for granted and suffer

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Dos and Don’ts for healthy skin

While striving to look good, most people end up giving more importance to make up rather than trying to get naturally beautiful skin. But you must know that there can never be any replacement to naturally healthy, beautiful and glowing skin, regardless of how much

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Be healthy to look good

It is said that most people judge others by the first impression. This is especially true in today’s world when marketing is the only way to stay ahead of everyone. Hence it is important to make a good first impression every time you go out

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Solution for premature graying of hair

Who would not like to have a mane of shiny, healthy and beautiful hair? But unfortunately very few people are granted this wish. Even more unfortunate is the fact that the people who are granted this wish do not value this gift and end up

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Get lusciously healthy lips

There must be very few women on earth who do not sigh on seeing the picture of luscious lips featured in the lipstick advertisements. Having a lovely kissable pout is the wish of possibly every single woman all over the world. But how many of

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Home remedies for hair fall and dandruff

The increase in daily stress level as well as the pollution level has aggravated problems like hair fall and dandruff. While using expensive cosmetic products would offer temporary relief, for permanent solution you would have to walk a few extra miles. Taking care of your