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Hair Loss


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The reason why men suffer from hair loss is no more a mystery as it was once. We all know that men have been suffering from hair loss since ages. Genetics is one of the main reasons for male pattern hair loss. This tendency to lose hair can be inherited from the father’s as well as the mother’s side. Another reason for male pattern hair loss is hormones.

Hormones such as testosterone that controls male characteristics can set off hair loss when found in grouping with 5 alpha reductase i.e an age related enzyme. The product of this combination is known as dihydrotestosterone (DHT). And this is what is mainly responsible for make pattern hair loss.

Hair falling profusely is a very common problem that many people face in their daily lives. The reason can range from environmental factors to biological ones. Being aware of the causes is the first step in preventing serious hair fall.

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1. Smoking – Smoking can cause you to lose a significant amount of hair. Several studies suggest that smokers have a higher chance of going bald, with individuals who have a history of this condition in the family being more prone than others. Smoking causes the blockage of pores on the scalp surface, thereby reducing blood flow to the scalp. The effects of smoking on hair include poor hair quality and subsequent degradation. Smoking also brings about the early graying of your hair.

2. Steroids – The use of steroids by individuals who suffer from male pattern baldness can significantly increase their chance of hair fall. This happens as the usage causes an increase in the dihydrotestosterone hormones, which is responsible for hair loss.

3. Antibiotics – Taking antibiotics can have an adverse effect on your hair follicle. It decreases the levels of hemoglobin in your blood as well as minerals and vitamins stores in your cells. When this happens, it accelerates your hair fall rate.

4. Cancer – Cancer also affects your hair quality and causes you to become bald or thins out your hair. It’s the radioactive rays in chemotherapy that causes your hair to fall out at a faster rate. Many a time, hair is also lost from the eye area, armpit, and pubic areas. The loss of hair generally starts within 2-4 weeks following the commencement of the treatment. The hair loss rate could be in clumps or little by little.


No matter what the cause of hair loss is, but the end product is always disappointing. It can be a physical as well as an emotional issue that has a deep impact on your day to day life. It has the potential to destroy one’s self-confidence, self-esteem and sense of well being.

One may feel less competent to compete in the job market or the dating world. The emotional devastation experienced due to hair loss is different for every man, mainly because hair are the most important part of your looks.

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