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Founder’s Profile

Mr. Sachin Goel, Founder, Looks Forever Hair & Skin Aesthetic Clinic

MR. SACHIN GOEL, established his own Business with the Identity of “LOOKS FOREVER HAIR AND SKIN AESTHETIC CLINIC”, over a Decade ago.

He continuously strived hard to provide the best services and excellence within the area of Hair Replacement, Skin Care & Laser Care. 

Looks Forever Hair and Skin Aesthetic Clinic provides Treatments and Services to those suffering from Hair Loss, & Hair Replacement Treatment for Burnt Patients, Cancer Patients & Accidental Patients.

Our expertise in safest and the most effective Hair Replacement System & Skin Treatments suitable for Men & Women, to achieve a Perfect Look.

Many Factors are integrated, – Why someone should start thinking about renewing the look & appearance at Looks Forever Hair and Skin Aesthetic Clinic, only.

The main difference between Looks Forever Hair and Skin Aesthetic Clinic and other Hair Replacement Clinics is:

  • Looks Forever provide new Grooming appearance of hair exactly the way it was used before or can be customized to new Hair Style.
  • Hair Restoration System of Looks Forever is Non-Surgical, and is assured of safe procedure.
  • Looks Forever promises to provide Hair Loss and Hair Regrowth Solutions or Treatments at competitive price.
  • Hair Units / Hair Patches of Looks Forever are inspected and passed by our Quality Control Team.
  • Looks Forever customize Hair Units / Hair Patches; and make a product especially as per the requirement.

“Looks Forever Guarantees the Comfort and Convenience of our Hair Patches, 


High Quality & Durability.”

“Hairs are Natural & Feel Natural”

Looks Forever Hair and Skin Aesthetic Clinic, welcome’s you to join our world of expertise, trust and faith backed with Solid Technology and understanding of not just Hair / Skin, but the human emotions related with their roots!