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What is Mesotherapy?

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Mesotherapy is a hair growing technique that is non-invasive. Superficial micro-injections are made below the epidermis of the skin to specific tissues. The term meso has originated from mesoderm which is the second or middle layer of the skin. This treatment can successfully trigger the mesoderm thereby relieving an array of ailments and symptoms. The injected solution is a combination of co-enzymes, amino acids, minerals and vitamins. The solution is tailored to suit each patient’s condition and their treatment plan.

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How is Mesotherapy used for hair regrowth?
Mesotherapy is used around the world for successful hair regrowth. It is a painless procedure when performed by an expert. Local anesthesia and dressing are not required for this procedure. Some of the broad objectives that could be achieved via this procedure include the regrowth of hair follicle, neutralization of excess dihydrotestosterone and the stimulation of blood circulation around the skull area.

Highlights of the Mesotherapy Procedure:
This procedure involves the application of both chemical and physical stimulation. A small dose of a variety of medications is administered by a hair expert in certain areas of the skull. The dosage and the area of administration would be decided based on the condition of the person getting treated. The solution acts like a bullet and targets the specific areas of the skull.


A needle is used to create a microspore into the skull. This helps to create elastin and collagen- the two most important ingredients for hair growth. This process doesn’t interfere with the hair already present but ensures the growth of new hair follicles.


A chemical solution is injected into the skull to stimulate hair growth. This solution helps in improving the blood circulation, reducing inflammation and increasing collagen and elastin. The composition of the solution is made based on the specific issues of each patient and therefore varies between patients.

Treatment – Duration 

Each session of mesotherapy lasts for around 10 to 30 minutes. The timing is purely based on the surface area of the skull that is being treated. On an average, it requires around 10-12 sittings or sessions with an expert to stimulate hair growth. To start with, an intensive treatment plan is required for the first couple of months to see visible results. Once the patient starts responding to the treatment, the frequency of treatment gradually decreases. To ensure that the hair grows naturally and there is no hair fall after the treatment is complete, a maintenance treatment might be necessary every quarter.

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The price of the treatment is dependant on the number of sessions required to stimulate hair growth. Some experts also charge based on the extent of hair fall and the chances of hair revival. There are experts who charge on an hourly basis as well.

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