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Hair Analysis

Hair Analysis

Welcome to Looks Forever Hair Aesthetic Clinic our services are Hair Analysis, Hair Analysis in Noida, Hair Analysis in Delhi, Hair Analysis in Lajpat Nagar & Hair Analysis in Rajouri Garden.

Looks Forever Hair Aesthetic Clinic is the Best Hair Treatment Clinic for Hair Loss in Noida, Greater Noida, Indirapuram, Uttar Pradesh – 201301.

Hair reflects your status of health.
For instance people with hormonal imbalance and stress are a few examples, which indicate that the hair is as important as any other important part of the body.

Youngsters with a good volume of hair in the head are a pre Requisite to aid them in getting a Career in some industries. Such as fashion industry, film industry, and any industry which requires a look of the person besides talent and intelligence

A good volume of hair, in this generation, as viewed or perceived by the people in general, boosts their cosmetic outlook.

For Best Hair Loss Treatment Doctors in Noida and Delhi or Hair Treatment Centers in Noida and Delhi, visit our clinic at Looks Forever Hair Aesthetic Clinic in Noida, Delhi, Greater Noida, Faridabad, Gurgaon.

Look at the following points to know your hair in detail:-

1. Nature of your hair
a. Neither dry nor oily
b. Oily but no dandruff
c. Oily scalp with dandruff.
d. Dry, irritating and itchy scalp.

2. What is the outlook of your hair?
a. Healthy
b.  Dull
c.  Gray hair.
d. Brittle (frizzy)

3. What is the approximate number of hair fall in a day?
a. No hair fall
b. Less than fifty
c.  Fifty-hundred.
d. More than hundred

4. What is the density of your hair?
a. Scalp full of hair
b. Thinning of hair
c. Less density
d. Visible scalp

5. What is the condition of your scalp?
a. No problem in the scalp
b. Scaly scalp
c. Patchy hair fall
d. Patchy and scarred scalp with hair loss

6. What kind of eating habits you have ?
a. Balanced diet
b. Fat rich/high calorie food
c. Fast food / junk food
d. Irregular diet i.e. one meal and fruits.

Consult our Hair Loss Specialist at Looks Forever Hair Aesthetic Clinic in Noida, to know more about Hair Analysis for Hair Loss Treatment, for efficient & effective cure before its extreme stage.

Out of all 5 questions asked if you have selected the options “a” you fall under normal category If you have selected the options “b” you fall under moderate care category, where in you are required to consult the skin care professional or doctor If you have chosen the option “c” and “d” you fall under the intense care category wherein the total skin care treatment as well as follow on treatment is required.

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