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Hair Weaving

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Hair weaving is a procedure of hair addition to the scalp through synthetic hair, braiding or weaving. This process is also known as hair integration. The hair strands are woven to the root so that natural hair grow out of the scalp. To be more precise, it is a procedure through which artificial human hairs are mixed with a person’s natural hair to give an illusion of long and thick hair strands. Any part of the hair can be weaved or woven. Although a complex technique, hair weaving when done by professionals, can prove to be a rewarding procedure for many.

In weaving there is addition of additional hair to the scalp. This is done by weaving or braiding with existing hair. It is also called Hair integration or Hair Intensification. The natural hair is woven or braided along with the additional hair to act as an anchor to the hair unit.

This method is appropriate for crown baldness, in which the base is woven with the existing hair and hair unit is merged with this base by way of a surgical suture thread. It provides a flawless natural look. However, depending upon the rate and volume of existing hair growth, one is required to get the resetting done every two to four months.

Hair weaving is also considered an alternative for people who suffer from a variety of hair and scalp conditions like alopecia totalis, alopecia universalis, ectodermal dysplasia, burns, radiation etc.

Who can Opt for Hair Weaving?

This procedure can be performed on any individual irrespective of any sex and body color. Folks who are suffering from a critical condition such as carcinoma, high blood pressure, kidney diseases should refrain from this procedure. The type of hair that can be grown through this technique include straight, curly, soft and wavy.

Hair Weaving – Technique

While there are a lot of hair weaving techniques, the one that is most popular is sewing hairs on the artificial scalp. The fact that no surgery is involved and there is no involvement of any medication, makes it a force to reckon with. Flexibility and adaptability are another advantages of this procedure. The hair can be combed, oiled, shampooed without harming the scalp.

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Why choose Looksforever?

Extraordinary Hair Systems:

Looksforever has put a lot of research and technology into their hair unit systems, so they will time and again give the most natural and undetectable look possible. Our Custom fitting hair piece is carved out of a variety of hair units so that it fits to size, shape and contour of your head for a flawless fitting hair system.


Affordable Pricing:
It’s no secret. A customized hairpiece is not that expensive to make. Our non surgical hair replacement systems are priced between Rs. 5000 – 25000 (US$ 110 – 550).


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