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Hair Weaving for Men

Hair weaving is the addition of hair to the scalp to cover baldness. The hair added can be human as well as synthetic. The hair used in weaving cut from the hair of other people and then processed and marketed. There are various types of weaving such as fusion, tracking, micro braiding, netting, bonding, lace extensions, etc. Hair weaving is only a temporary treatment. The temporary hair gets damaged and never grows as they have no roots.

There are various hair weaving techniques available for men like braiding and adhesives. Synthetic hair are braided with the existing hair at the base of the scalp to add volume. Adhesives are less costly then braiding which involves attaching hair to the scalp with the help of adhesives. This technique is good for those men who have hair thinning.

These techniques have to be repeated every two months for long lasting look. This method helps you regain confidence and enhances you looks.

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