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Hair Specialist Doctors

A hair specialist doctor is called a Trichologist. Just like one visits a Dermatologist for skin problems, similarly a Trichologist is for hair and scalp related problems. They can treat hair loss, itching, baldness, hair breakage, scaling of scalp, oiliness, dryness, etc.

There are some things that one can expect from his or her meeting with a Trichologist. Hair has a very delicate barometer to imbalances that happen in the body. Factors such as poor diet, genetic problems, hormonal problems, stress and medication can adversely affect the health of hair and scalp.  During you consultation with a Trichologist, you will be asked about your medical history in detail and may also be asked to go for a blood test. This will positively help the Trichologist in identifying the root cause of the problem and help treat it.

The trichologist may also analyze your hair microscopically to assess the rate of hair loss and the damage. This is also done to know if there is any fungal infection or lice. The Trichologist will also assess your hair for zinc, iron, magnesium, calcium, copper, mercury, lead, etc.

The best thing about visiting a Hair Specialist Doctor or a Trichologist is that he/she bridges the gap between natural and allopathic medicines. A Trichologist has the flexibility to prescribe a combination of medicines best suited to a condition.