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Hair Weaving

In weaving there is addition of additional hair to the scalp. This is done by weaving or braiding with existing hair. It is also called Hair integration or Hair Intensification. The natural hair is woven or braided along with the additional hair to act as an anchor to the hair unit.

This method is appropriate for crown baldness, in which the base is woven with the existing hair and hair unit is merged with this base by way of a surgical suture thread. It provides a flawless natural look. However, depending upon the rate and volume of existing hair growth, one is required to get the resetting done every two to four months.

Hair weaving is also considered an alternative for people who suffer from a variety of hair and scalp conditions like alopecia totalis, alopecia universalis, ectodermal dysplasia, burns, radiation etc.


Extraordinary Hair Systems:

Looksforever has put a lot of research and technology into their hair unit systems, so they will time and again give the most natural and undetectable look possible. Our Custom fitting hair piece is carved out of a variety of hair units so that it fits to size, shape and contour of your head for a flawless fitting hair system.


Affordable Pricing:
It’s no secret. A customized hairpiece is not that expensive to make. Our non surgical hair replacement systems are priced between Rs. 5000 – 25000 (US$ 110 – 550).


Reliable Hair Replacement Service:
We have been in the market for the longest time. With the most satisfied users as our patrons and the best people in the business as our staff, we ensure you the life and beauty of your unit with our impeccable service, designed to ensure you look good- Always.