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Hair Extention

A hair extension is a length of hair which is attached to one’s normal hair to make it appear longer.  Hair extensions can be either real or synthetic hair that can be affixed close to the scalp through a number of systems. Hair extensions merge in and move naturally with your own hair, making it tricky to tell you are wearing them, when well matched in color and texture, and professionally applied by a competent extensionist,. They can provide tremendous volume to the hair and elongate them. Some of these can be continuously worn for up to 3 months before requiring maintenance.

Hair extension is a simple technique by using which one can add new volume to the hair. The extensions can be put by using different methods. You can talk with your hair stylist to know what ways can be used for putting hair extension. The different ways are bonding, through the use of coils and clips, and through the use of glues that are made up of certain chemicals. In case you are allergic to any chemical, you should have a word with your stylist about this so that you do not have any allergic reaction after the hair extensions are done.