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Female Hair Loss

Hair loss is not just a male baldness problem. As many as one out of four women suffer from some form of thinning hair or hair loss, at some point in their lives, which is also called as female pattern baldness.

Maternity can be a trigger for some hair loss conditions as well as the natural thinning process which is a result of the post-delivery hormonal adjustment in women.

Apart from what is responsible for causing hair loss in women, the effects on self-esteem can be disturbing especially in a society that puts a high price tag on how a person looks. We are all expected to at least try to live up to the flawlessly groomed model looks that we regularly see on the television and the covers of magazines.

As our hair define us in so many ways and even though the impact of hair loss on a woman’s confidence and well being are often dismissed as unimportant, it’s true to say that it affects women in nothing else but major ways, no matter what their age be.

Women often start feeling that they have lost the feminine feature of beautiful hair. She starts to feel out of place with her friends, the other women at work and with her own self-image. As a result, many women give up and stop living their life to the fullest.

There are hair loss treatments and products for every hair loss condition, however, and hair restoration can be achieved, without creating any hassles in your life.  However, we also understand that taking the initiative of dealing with one’s hair loss condition can be hard and emotional, which is the reason why we offer a FREE, confidential and no obligation consultation.

Your first one-on-one Looksforever hair loss consultation will be with one of our highly trained hair system technicians who will talk about and advise which hair replacement treatment will suit you best.  All consultations are carried out in one of our comfortable, private and self contained treatment rooms designed with your comfort in mind.

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