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Cell Active Therapy

Cell Active Therapy is  compelling for both baldness / hair loss and hair rebuilding treatments.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, whether you have long tresses or a short crop, no one likes the thought of going bald. Hair loss can be caused by a number of factors. It may be in your genes, it could be because of your lifestyle or it could even be the result of hormonal changes. Thankfully, you don’t have to just sit back and watch yourself grow bald, you can treat it.

Cell Active Therapy is a form of treatment that is aimed at boosting new hair growth. This can be used to treat Receding Hairline, Bald Patches, Thinning Hair and Alopecia. Cell Active Therapy is called so because it activates cells in the scalp and hair follicles by stimulating blood circulation. As the hair follicles are energized, new hair growth is triggered. It also stimulates collagen production that improves skin tone and elasticity. Cell active therapy does not require hospitalization of any kind.

All you need is a Dermaroller.

A dermaroller is a simple device that looks a lot like a round bristled brush on a long handle. Instead of bristles to untangle your hair, this has metal pins that can make tiny pinpricks on your scalp. The width of a dermaroller ranges from 0.25mm to 0.5mm with the latter being more popular. This penetrates only as far as your dermal layer to stimulate blood circulation and new cell production. Using a dermaroller is relatively painless.

For Hair

The dermaroller, without any  pain, creates thousands of tiny channels in the scalp which increase the absorption of your hair restoration product by hundreds of times..


The Derma Roller can be used by itself to stimulate the production of fine hairs (vellums) in the scalp, or used in conjunction with a pharmacy product called Minoxidil or Rogaine. It works by enhancing the penetration of the product and improving blood flow to the scalp and hair follicle.

Minoxidi/Rogaine is used for the treatment of hereditary hair loss (androgenic alopecia) in men and women and is the only clinically proven way to stimulate hair re growth.


Using the Dermaroller

Before you use a dermaroller, it is essential to clean your scalp properly and clean the dermaroller. The dermaroller must be sanitized with boiling hot water each time it is used to reduce the chances of infection. If you already have a scalp infection, do not use a dermaroller until the infection clears up. Once the dermaroller has cooled down; run it over the bald areas of your scalp. You will need to apply a light pressure so as to allow the pins to penetrate your scalp without drawing blood.

A dermaroller can be used indefinitely, but you should start seeing an improvement in your hair growth quite soon


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