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Hair Loss Treatment Homeopathic Doctors

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Homeopathy is a well-known stream of medicine. People have trusted this for many years now for it is free from side effects. Homeopathy is also popular for the treatment of hair loss among men and women. Although hair loss initself is not a disease but a sign that often indicates various other diseases.

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In Homeopathy, a huge number of wonderful medicines are present that are used to tackle hair loss cases. Every kind of hair loss ranging from hair loss due to hormones, anemia, skin disorders, mental or physical disorders to childbirth, menopause, alopecia, trichotillomania can be treated with the help of well selected medicines.

1. Homeopathic medicines for treating hair loss in a women after child birth and during menopause

2. Homeopathic medicines to deal with cases of alopecia areata

3. Homeopathic medicines for hair loss due to skin diseases affecting the scalp like seborrhoea (dandruff), tinea capitis(fungus infection), eczema etc

4. Homeopathic Remedies for Hair loss in Anaemic patients:

5.  Homeopathic Medicines for Baldness / Alopecia totalis where the entire scalp loses its hair

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To treat hair loss with homeopathy, the patient needs to be studied in detail. The important symptoms include level of thirst, eating habits, mental signs, thermals, etc. and these are given most importance while forming totality of symptoms

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