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Hair Loss Doctors

If you are losing more than 100-200 strands per day or your drain is blocked with hair that you lose with every wash, then it is a cause of alarm! You may think that the condition will go away in sometime but when it continues for a long time, it leads to hair thinning and balding.

Here are some situations that might require you to visit a doctor:

1. You should visit the doctor if the hair loss has started suddenly and not gradually.

2. When you think that a particular medicine may be the cause of your hair loss.

3. You are experiencing balding and thinning of your hair and you wish to start a treatment for it.

4. When you lose a lot of hair on brushing or combing your hair and they have become thinner and are falling out.

5. When there is a change in the condition of your skin for e.g rashes or scales.

There are a variety of health professionals that you can consult like:

1. Dermatologists

2. Family medicine doctors

3. Nurse practitioners

4. Physician assistants

While the above can provide you with advice and treatment on hair loss, a Dermatologist and Plastic Surgeon can perform Hair Transplant surgeries.