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Top hair care secrets to make your hair shine

Caring for your hair can be a daunting task no matter how simple it sounds. It can sometimes also be rather overwhelming too with all the different types of hair care products that are so widely available in the market. For instance, there are lots of different masks, serums and even hair balms. But it is not always possible to invest in different hair care product each month, as that can lead the budget go ashtray. Instead, it is always a much wise idea to take care of your hair in such a manner that would not break your bank or your pocket for that matter.


There are different types of hair textures, but regardless of the kind of hair you have, there is no point in getting it blow dried every day. You can also choose the air drying for most days as that is the best choice for your hair. Blow drying can damage your hair without improving the texture. Instead, opt for the air drying and see the natural look of the hair go all shiny and glossy.

You can generally avoid washing your hair every day. Using shampoo can strip your hair from its natural oil and also dries it up. If you happen to have your hair colored, shampooing every day will also zap your hair off the color and cause a lot of damage. Instead, it is a good idea to shampoo every alternate day or even better twice a week.

You might feel that using vinegar in the hair will make your hair and scalp smell like salad. But on the contrary, if you make use of vinegar after shampooing your hair, it can give your hair a shine and a softness that is incomparable to any other conditioner.

Try to avoid flat ironing your hair every day. Putting your hair into the clasps of the hot tools can make damages to your hair that is beyond repair. If you do have to make use of the ironing tools, make sure to go with the lowest possible heat setting and get it done quickly.

Oiling your hair can deep condition and moisturize your hair and they can work wonders. You can either use the good old olive oil or even coconut oil for your hair or let it soak in the goodness for an hour or so. You can wash off the hair after an hour. You will be surprised to see that your hair would look and feel soft and silky.