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Tips to keep skin healthy

“Sanwaar loon haaye sawaar loon; Sawaar loon haaye sawaar loon.” Does this make you remember your make up kits? A walk to your mirror? A time for an outing? A time to get ready? Pamper your skin? Last minute preparation? Here are a few tips

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10 Home Remedies for a healthy skin.

“Main kwabo ki shahajadi, main hu har dil pe chaayi” is the tune that brings out the blush in every lady. Who doesn’t like to be girl of dreams, the charm of everybody’s eyes, the one stylish, the one so called “Doll”, one with fair

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Say good bye to pimples this summer…….

Pimples are every teenager’s as well as every woman’s nightmare. Pimples are one thing that seem to come easily but do not go away at all. They seem to drive one to point of desperation. Pimples area pain in the neck, but a pimple at