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How to clean different types of hair

When taking care of your hair you would have to remember the most important thing and that is to keep your hair squeaky clean. This is the basic requirement for health of your hair. But many people, in fact most people make the mistake of

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Be healthy to look good

It is said that most people judge others by the first impression. This is especially true in today’s world when marketing is the only way to stay ahead of everyone. Hence it is important to make a good first impression every time you go out

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Three mistakes that harm your hair

We all like to dress up. And dressing up does not only mean wearing a dress; makeup, hairstyle, accessories are all part of your entire attire. All these things put together make for the whole dressing up process. But while dressing up, you sometimes make

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Two natural ways to remove tan

Tanning is a very common problem faced by almost everyone who has to go out in the sun. Especially that the summertime is here, the scorching rays of the sun would not only burn your skin but would tan it as well. It is not

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Three biggest hair care myths busted

Hair is a part of our body that constitute much to our over all looks and beauty. A beautiful mane of hair is called crowning glory not without any reason. Your entire make up, great dressing would be in vain if you have unruly, unhealthy

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How to get beautiful feet

The part of our body that works most hard is our feet and yet it is the part that is most neglected. But even if you have beautiful skin and stunning mane of hair, if your feet are ugly, your whole look would be spoiled.

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The importance of using a sunscreen

Most people make the biggest mistake of not using sunscreens when going out. This is one mistake that would cost you not only your looks but the health of your skin would be compromised as well. It has been researched and proven that the harmful

Lose weight easily

Lose weight by eating early

  Want to lose weight? Tried the only juice diet, the only fruit diet, the low-carb diet, with no lasting results? These diet plans are followed for a week or so and then forgotten. The hunger pangs can’t always be ignored. And it’s not easy

How to take good care of your nails?

As I browsed down my Facebook page, I grew green with envy seeing my friend’s perfectly designed nails. Her nail art was amazing; she even had a page of her showcasing her nails and her nail art. Nails are undeniably one of the most important

Good health, good looks

Looks and health

  Everyone is aware of the fact that in today’s generation looks matter a lot in every field. A person sometimes depends upon his or her looks to impress the other one. Looks play an important role in every individual’s life. However, looks will come