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Use tomato to get flawless glowing skin

Did you know the various benefits of tomato? Well if you didn’t know then you should now know that tomato has been found to be extremely beneficial, especially for skin. It helps lighten the skin and remove tanning. It also works wonders on blemishes. Things

DIY oily hair remedy

Oily hair are a total mess. Oil makes your hair look dirty and flat and spoils your everyday look. Too much oil production in the scalp can also cause acne and dandruff. Hence it is very important to control the production of oil in the

Homemade Skin Lightening Night Cream

Are you one of those people who do not believe in using chemical based creams at night? Well, that’s a good thing! Our skin repairs itself at night and so using natural or ayurvedic chemical free products is the best thing you can do for

Easiest hair mask to get rid of dandruff!

Well, we all suffer from hair loss at some point in our lives! and with winters approaching, a lot of people start experiencing dandruff and itchy scalp. We use all kinds of shampoos and oils available in the market but none seem to work effectively.

Fenugreek anti-dandruff hair pack

Fenugreek is a very common spice of the Indian kitchen. It is called as ‘methi seeds’ generally. It is a very healthy spice. The fenugreek seeds are rich of minerals like potassium, sodium, magnesium. Methi seeds have the potential to treat a lot of hair problems