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Keep yourself in shape with exercise and diet

How to look good?

Looks are all that matter in today’s world, people just look at you and conclude that you are ‘so and so’ kind of person. People label others and judge people based on their stereotypes and how they look. If someone looks fair and pretty then

Eat a good breakfast

Diet and Health

Yesterday I told you about what to eat, how diet affects health, how one should eat properly to look good and be healthy, etc. Today I am going to tell you more about the importance of diet and what kind of diet you ought to


Health and Food

We often tend to ignore our diet. Every day we carefully separate the greens on our plate and eat only what we like. We eat all kinds of fast food and then claim that we will burn it in the gym, but soon when the

Yoga and sex

Yoga and diet to enhance sex

Yoga is union of mind and body. Sex is uniting a male and a female. Yoga very useful for males suffering from various sexual problems and instead of taking drugs or dietary supplements one can do yoga to boost their sexual stamina. Yoga is natural

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Look Good, Feel Good

In today’s world, when you go to meet someone casually, or for an interview may be, the first thing that people will notice is your looks. The world has become very shallow; here your packaging matters than the content. And looking it positively we can

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How to look beautiful?

Have you always wanted to look cute, sexy, and hot? Do you want to shed those extra kilos, which have settled on your love handles? Do you want to get rid of those ugly spots on your skin? Do you want to have glossy, smooth,

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How Looks Can Affect Health…..

Ever wondered if health affects our looks? Yes, they do and it is incredulously true! Our health does reflect on our looks. That is one of the reasons why one can make out if the opposite person is unwell, just by looking at the person’s

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Precautions to take while clebrating Holi

Holi – the festival of colors is knocking on the door and preparations are being made to celebrate it in a grand way but girls and boys, men and women, there are some precautions, which are necessary to be taken while playing Holi. It is