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shampooing your hair regularly would not harm but help your hair

Basic shower tricks to keep hair healthy!

Do your hair become dry and frizzy on the day you wash them? Is the hair wash day a bad hair day? You are always planning on how you can avoid a bad hair day? Just follow these simple tips and tricks to have good

DIY hair mask for oily hair

Hair is that part of our body that we can style as we wish. We can straighten them, perm them or colour them. We can do whatever we wish to our hair. Hair grow back so you can even become bald if you like! 😉

Easy solution for dry, itchy scalp!

Are you sick and tired of scratching your head all the time? Does it spoil your mood and make you feel irritated? You have tried all the commercial products but still suffer from the same problem? Well, You are reading just the right thing! Yes!

Fenugreek hair mask for treating dandruff

Fenugreek or methi is a very special as well as a very regular spice of the Indian kitchen. It has tremendous health benefits and is considered to be an integral part of the Indian kitchen. It is best known for its medicinal properties. It is

Wash your hair step-by-step

If you believe that your hair is losing its sheen and shine and do not look as gorgeous, it’s probably because of an inadequate hair care routine. Our hair are exposed to a variety of harmful substances and hence require constant care. Here are a

Are you aware about the benefits of milk for hair?

Are you tired of your messy hair and want to straighten them? But as we all know, salon treatments are pretty expensive these days. You can improve your hair texture and straighten them at home. Milk has the potential to improve hair texture and straighten

Benefits of oiling hair

When we were in school, weekends and holidays were the only days when our grandmothers oiled our hair. But as we grow up, we take out very less time for hair care. As a result, our hair become weak, dry and dull. But oiling is

Because everybody wants silky hair in 2015!

It is every woman’s wish to have smooth and silky. But seldom does it come true! For some women it comes as a part of the family genes. But others only strive for it. Here are a few tips to get the silky texture you’ve always

Hair care tips for winters

Winters has set in and troubles are about to begin for a few out there. People will suffer from dry hair and split ends. Follow these hair care tips for winters and have a good hair day, everyday! 1. Controlling frizzy hair From the pullovers

Go Curly with these tips

You might love your curls, but we all can agree to the fact that curly hair can be troublesome. Curly hair can be total mess if not taken care of quite a couple of times every day! They tend to become frizzy and form pyramid