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clean and tone your skin to keep your skin healthy in summer

How to keep your skin healthy in summer

Summer time is here with all the havoc it creates on the skin.  But since you cannot avoid this season you would have to find ways to take care of your skin in the summer such that it cannot destroy your looks. It is not

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Melanin – an important part of healthy skin

Since ancient times, people have been craving for fair skin. Especially women have gone and still go to extreme ends to be fairer. If you too are one of such people, just pause and consider this fact before you put your skin through some cosmetic

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Importance of sunscreen for healthy skin

Most people spend fortunes on cosmetic products and on beauty salons to look good but forget one essential product to add to their beauty kit and that is a sunscreen. There are many people all over the world who take sunscreens for granted and suffer

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Dos and Don’ts for healthy skin

While striving to look good, most people end up giving more importance to make up rather than trying to get naturally beautiful skin. But you must know that there can never be any replacement to naturally healthy, beautiful and glowing skin, regardless of how much

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Be healthy to look good

It is said that most people judge others by the first impression. This is especially true in today’s world when marketing is the only way to stay ahead of everyone. Hence it is important to make a good first impression every time you go out

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Importance of healthy diet

It is a shame that it is considered that only skinny is beautiful. What is really beautiful is a person with a healthy body, healthy skin and healthy hair, irrespective of their size or weight. After all, what use is your beauty if you are

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Four skin care steps to getting glowing skin

It is a dream of possibly everyone, especially women, to get glowing skin that is the envy of all. In fact, healthy skin has such a natural glow to it that you would not even have the need to use make up. But it is

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Two natural ways to remove tan

Tanning is a very common problem faced by almost everyone who has to go out in the sun. Especially that the summertime is here, the scorching rays of the sun would not only burn your skin but would tan it as well. It is not

Skin friendly foods

How to take care of your skin?

 All of us want to have smooth, flawless, soft, spotless, fair, skin and today I am going to give you some fantastic tips to take good care of your skin. 70% of our body is made up of skin and hence it is necessary for

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Face packs which make the skin healthier

“Gore Rang pe na itna gumaan kar, Goora rang toh do din mai dhal jaayega!!”  A daily commuter at the roads into the city? Scared of beauty being hampered by the deadly sun that shines above your head? Tired of spending your money on all