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DIY Avocado and Banana hair conditioner

Are you troubled of having dry and damaged hair that make you feel depressed? If yes then this is the hair pack that your hair need! This hair mask is very moisturizing and makes your hair shiny and soft. Things you will need: 1. Avocado

Must eat fruits for healthy skin

We all want to get rid of skin problems and have healthy and glowing skin. Stress and pollution add to the misery. We try several creams and face packs to get the perfect glow, but all efforts usually go in vain. However, we forget that

Benefits of Banana for Skin!

The banana is notorious for its good press.   People who exercise like it, people who bake like it, people who love natural foods like it, and these days people who want healthy hair and skin are really into it. Banana is a mighty fruit. Seldom

Health benefits of banana

Banana is one of those few fruits that is available all year round. Bananas are extremely healthy and provide numerous health benefits. It is a versatile fruit that contains many nutrients including vitamins A, B, C and E along with minerals like potassium, zinc, iron and

Hair scalp treatment

How to make your own hair hydration mask

Hair tend to get dry and lifeless in summers. Sun can damage your hair and take away the natural color. Would you not like to pamper your hair in summers to get a refreshed look? DO this at home and make your wish come true.

Top 10 foods to get rid of your hangover

Alcohol makes you feel dehydrated and brings along a hangover. The hangover sucks all the water and nutrition from the body and makes you feel dehydrated and nauseous. You need to replenish the body with the nutrients and fight the toxins. 1. Banana Alcohol flushes