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Dos and Don’ts for healthy skin

While striving to look good, most people end up giving more importance to make up rather than trying to get naturally beautiful skin. But you must know that there can never be any replacement to naturally healthy, beautiful and glowing skin, regardless of how much make up you use. Like many people all over the world, if you too believe that good skin is a blessing that cannot be achieved but people are actually born with it, you cannot be more mistaken. You too can be the owner of great looking healthy and beautiful skin if you religiously follow four simple rules.

The four rules are as follows:

1)      Keep your skin squeaky clean – cleanse your skin daily and exfoliate your skin twice every week. Follow this religiously if you want your skin to glow with health.

moisturizers keep your skin glowing with health

moisturizers keep your skin glowing with health

2)      Moisturize – keep your skin hydrated with proper moisturizers based on your particular skin type. Like water is to plants, moisturizers are to your skin. Your skin would wilt too with lack of hydration.

3)      Healthy diet – a diet that is rich in colored vegetables and fresh seasonal fruits is important for stunningly beautiful skin.

4)      Exercise – exercising regularly opens up your pores and helps in getting rid of harmful toxins in your body. This in turn leads to a toxin free skin that glows with good health.

By following the above rules you ensure that you get lovely skin that is the envy of all and does not require any artificial makeup whatsoever. But to maintain your skin to remain beautiful for long, make sure you avoid the two mistakes given below:

1)      Remove your make up – regardless of how tired you are, you have to remove your makeup before going to bed. The harmful chemicals would clog the pores of your skin and cause irrevocable harm to your skin if you leave it on all night.

no junk food if you want healthy skin

no junk food if you want healthy skin

2)      Avoid junk food – the oily spicy food that seems so delicious to your taste buds are poison to the health of your skin. Hence if you want to have a healthy skin that stays beautiful for a long time, avoid spicy and oily junk food.

The above two are not mistakes but sins against your skin that you should never be guilty of committing if you want a great looking skin. It is a blessing that you can achieve through a little hard work.