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Five tips to keep your skin healthy in summer

The summer time is at its peak and this season is notorious for all the skin problems it brings with it. But since you cannot avoid this season what you can do is at least try and keep your skin as healthy as possible. There are some steps you should take to prevent skin problems and some steps to cure. It goes without saying that this season demands a little extra attention than what is required in all through the year. Hence make sure you take out some time for your skin every day to keep your skin glowing in the summer as well. You skin would thank you for this.

Given below are five tips that would help you in keeping your skin healthy during the summer.

drink lots of fluid to keep your skin healthy in summer

drink lots of fluid to keep your skin healthy in summer

1)      You have probably heard this very first tip a hundred times from a hundred people. But this tip is completely unavoidable if you want a healthy skin. The tip is to drink lots and lots of fluids. If drinking plain water does not seem a very attractive option, drink fruit juices but not aerated drinks, it would only enhance your skin problems.

2)      The second tip is to cover your skin as much as possible and use sunscreen generously on the exposed parts. The best idea would be to avoid the mid day sun but if it is not possible use umbrella, scarves and so on to cover your skin.

3)      Eat healthy. Summer time is the season for various diseases that causes skin problem as well. Hence avoid oily, spicy and junk food as much as possible.

splash water on sun exposed skin to sooth and cool

splash water on sun exposed skin to sooth and cool

4)      Keep your skin cool by applying cooling facial masks and splashing water. Applying ice cubes to sun exposed skin would sooth as well as cool your skin, and so would splashing cold rose water on your skin. Applying cucumber juice, curd, aloe vera and such things would also sooth your sun burnt skin effectively.

5)      Bath daily and if possible more than once. This would not only keep your body cool but would sooth your irritated skin as well. Pour a few drops of antiseptic and lavender oil into your bath water to stay healthy as well as to keep feeling fresh all through the day.

Follow the above five tips religiously and your skin would stay healthy, glowing, supple as well as soft throughout the scorching heat during the summer time.