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Inner beauty v/s Outer beauty

People have a tendency to judge individuals by their looks, which reminds me of a Hindi song,
kale hai to kya hua, dil wale hai
The above line means, ‘what happens if we have dark skin at least we have a good heat’.

The above line holds deep meaning, it tells that we should not judge people by their looks and we should judge people by their heart and their inner beauty. Well you might have surely heard of phrases like ‘looks are often deceptive’, ‘all that glitters is not gold’, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, etc. All these phrases give us only one message and that message is don’t judge people by their looks.

Inner beauty v/s Outer beauty

Inner beauty v/s Outer beauty

But in today’s world looks are given a lot of importance, it is indeed sad that people fail to see the good heart of people. People fall in love but they fall for looks, not for the heart. People waste a lot of money on beautifying themselves but don’t give a penny to the poor. We go to beauty parlors, saps, fitness centers to look good for others, some people even put on make-up while going to the gym and also while sleeping even if they know that it is not wise and good for the skin to wear make-up 24×7. The beauty industry is flourishing because we are contributing to it. Instead of spending loads and loads of money in beauty parlors and fitness centers, one can use natural methods to beautify themselves and watch their food and go for a walk daily to reduce their weight.

The true beauty - inner beauty

The true beauty – inner beauty

Let me tell you one thing, one fine day you are going to grow old and your beauty is going to fade. The same people who admired your beauty are going to frown on your wrinkled face and hunched body. The only beauty, which lasts, is eternal beauty. If you are beautiful in your words, gestures, actions, mind and soul people will remember you and look up to you even after you grow old. They will remember the beauty of your presence, the way you used to laugh without any restrains, the way you used to love, the way you used to take care of people and the way you lived your life without giving a damn on what people think. That is true beauty. There are two kinds of beauty, inner beauty and outer beauty, make sure that you chose well and decide how you want to be remembered and for which beauty you want to be remembered.