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Good food, Good health, Good looks.

Juices that help in hair growth

Did you know that incorporating some juices in your daily diet can help you keep your hair healthy? Its true! There are some juices that can meet your daily hair care needs. Vegetable juices and Fresh fruits will lessen the chances of hair breakage and thus helps

Benefits of castor oil for hair

Castor oil is a wonder oil! It has high penetrating properties which makes it easy for it to steep into the hair cuticle. This helps in replenishing the lost nutrients. 1. Helps in removing dandruff Dandruff is a result of dry scalp. Regular use of

Treat hair loss with green tea

If you are suffering from thinning hair and your hair have become extremely dull then green tea is what can help you best! Green tea has the potential to decrease hair loss and thinning of hair.  According to the Amazing Green Tea website, green tea can

Benefits of oiling hair

When we were in school, weekends and holidays were the only days when our grandmothers oiled our hair. But as we grow up, we take out very less time for hair care. As a result, our hair become weak, dry and dull. But oiling is

Hair loss hair mask for people with normal hair

Worried about your hair? Or bored of using the regular hair oil? Want to try something new and nourishing? Try this face mask for normal skin. this is probably the easiest to do and all the ingredients will be at your disposal. Just take out

Hair fall, a major problem

Solutions for hair loss

There is nothing better than a heavy thick pony. We all in routine suffer from a major hair trowel- hair loss. It is almost every women’s reason for bad hair. Getting rid of hair loss is not a very easy task it takes a lot

Why should you go for a hot oil massage?

As we have always been told, oiling is very essential for the health of our hair. Oiling hair once or twice a week is a requirement. Oiling provides your hair with all the nutrients it has been lacking. It makes your hair look healthier and

All you want to know about Hair Microwefting

What is Hair Microwefting? It is a safe, non-surgical, quick and painless technique which involves the bonding of human hair. It is a hassle free treatment as it requires no follow up. One can get it done and lead life with full confidence without any

Vinegar egg conditioner for damaged hair

Hair are an important part of one’s looks. There is no doubt about the fact that silky and shiny hair enhance your looks like nothing else. Hair has the potential to change the looks of a person incredibly. Dry and damaged hair make you look