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Monthly Archives: December 2014

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Face in winters

The harshest impact of winter season is shown on face. You cannot cover your face so you need to be well prepared for winter season and religiously follow a skin care routine. Irrespective of your skin type you should daily / weekly devote some time

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Dandruff in winters, I detest!

Who says that only clothes, shoes and watch create an impression. What is equally significant to build a strong impression is your hair- haircut and style, how it smells, and most notably..cleanliness! That oily scalp and flakes in your hair is a sight which does


Tradtional besan face pack for glowing skin

We all have been using this besan face pack for generations now. It is considered to be the most effective as well as the easiest face pack. Things needed: 1. Besan 2. Turmeric 3. Lemon juice 4. Rose water 5. Yogurt Method: 1. Take 2-3


Coconut water and multani mitti for glowing skin

Did you know the various benefits of coconut water for the skin? Drinking coconut water regularly helps in keeping the skin hydrated and gives your skin a glow. Multani mitti or fuller’s earth has various minerals that make your skin glow. It is extremely beneficial


Use tomato to get flawless glowing skin

Did you know the various benefits of tomato? Well if you didn’t know then you should now know that tomato has been found to be extremely beneficial, especially for skin. It helps lighten the skin and remove tanning. It also works wonders on blemishes. Things


A simple anti-dandruff hair mask

Well, we all suffer from hair loss at some point in our lives! and with winters approaching, a lot of people start experiencing dandruff and itchy scalp. We use all kinds of shampoos and oils available in the market but none seem to work effectively.


DIY hibiscus shampoo

Are your hair losing their shine and sheen? Are your worried about losing your hair volume? Then this is what you should be reading. Hibiscus is known for reducing bald patches and regenerating hair growth. It also helps restore the lost shine. Things needed: 1.


Bleach your hair naturally with lemon

If you do not like to take the harmful effects of chemical bleaching agents and if you like to bleach your hair using natural bleaching agents no matter how much time and efforts it requires, then this is what you should be reading. Lemon is a