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Monthly Archives: November 2014


Sea salt and almond oil face scrub

This face scrub works wonders on dry skin. Sea salt is an essential bathing salt that makes the skin supple, radiant, blemish-free and fair. Sea salt can be easily found in grocery stores. Things needed: 1. Sea salt 2. Almond oil 3. Grape juice 4. Orange


Go Curly with these tips

You might love your curls, but we all can agree to the fact that curly hair can be troublesome. Curly hair can be total mess if not taken care of quite a couple of times every day! They tend to become frizzy and form pyramid


Coconut honey mask

Honey and coconut work wonders for hair. They give a a mega-boost of moisture to sun-parched ends and add incredible softness and shine and rinses clean. This is great for people who do not get soft de-tangled hair by using conditioners. Things needed: 1. Honey 2.

organic honey

DIY Honey soft hair spray

Hair can become straw especially in summers. They start becoming dry and frizzy and lose their shine. We dry different things to make them look better, but, we all know that nothing is better than honey! Yes Honey, Organic Honey! Honey makes skin and hair


Methi hair mask for dandruff

Fenugreek or methi is a very common spice of the Indian kitchen. It has various health benefits and is considered very important in the Indian kitchen. It also has medicinal properties. It is good for digestion as well as for inducing hair growth. It is

hair loss

Five holistic tips to make your hair grow faster

There are many variables that contribute to healthy and rapid cell division or ‘mitosis.’  Mitosis is when your cells split apart and form new cells, or regenerate. These regenerating cells are the building blocks of the protein that make up our hair. To ensure rapid

brushing hair

Choose the right hair brush!

Choosing the right hair brush is a must for gorgeous hair. Hair have the potential to change the way you look so it is very important to take care of them the right way. Brushing or combing our hair is probably one thing that we

Making mayonnaise

DIY natural egg shampoo

Eggs are super foods but not just alongside bacon or rye toast, but are just as great for your hair. Great moisturizing and nourishing leaves you with nice healthy and shiny hair. Eggs are rich in protein which are also the building blocks of our


Coconut Sugar Facial Cleanser

This is a totally chemical free facial cleanser which can be used by you anytime you like. Its super easy to make and makes your skin soft and supple. Things needed: 1. Coconut oil 2. Honey 3. Sugar 4. Baking soda 5. Sandalwood essential oil


DIY Henna Gloss Treatment

Henna is another name for a Lawsonia plant. When activated with water, powdered Lawsonia produces a red-orange pigment that bonds to the cuticle of the hair and coats it, much like a protein treatment with added color. The longer you leave the henna on, the