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Monthly Archives: September 2014


Hair packs for monsoon season

Monsoon brings along a lot of hair problems. Hair become frizzy and dry and break very easily. Hair loss is a common problem during monsoons. To keep hair healthy, all you need is a little natural precaution. Follow these simple tips and tricks to sail

All about hair loss

WHAT IS HAIR LOSS? Hair loss is a condition in which a person loses hair from scalp and body. Anyone can experience hair loss at any stage in life. It is normal to lose 50-100 strands of hair every day. If a person is losing more than


Vitamins and minerals for healthy hair

A handful of vitamins and minerals on a daily basis can help you get rid of your hair problems. They make our hair shinier, healthier and longer. Gaps in our diet can make us deficient in many vitamins and minerals. Here are some very important


How to choose the right conditioner for your hair type

Choosing the right conditioner is very important for your hair. A conditioner not only makes hair silky and smooth but also protects the hair from the harmful effects of the sun. It helps in preserving the natural hair colour and preventing breakage. People often complain


Benefits for Vitamin B 12 for hair

Vitamin B 12, also known as Cobalamin, is one of the 8 vitamins found in vitamin B complex. All B group Vitamins convert food into fuel to produce energy but vitamin B 12 plays an important role in regulating metabolism. RDA recommends at least 2.4 micrograms


5 great tips for long hair

Our hair is the crowning glory of our looks. Both literally and figuratively! All women crave long, shiny and healthy hair. But it is quite common for these beautiful hair to become dull and lifeless. Follow these simple tips to always make your hair look