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Monthly Archives: September 2014


Multani Mitti face pack

This face pack is most suitable for people who have zits and pimples. This face pack is really effective for normal to dry skin. This is a simple DIY face pack that gives amazing benefits. Things needed: 1. Multani mitti or Fuller’s earth 2. Lemon


Ways to get smooth hair

Want to be a head turner with super smooth hair? DO you envy smooth, silky and voluminous hair that models possess? Well, you don’t need to do this anymore. Transform your hair with the help of these easy tips! 1. Always use a shampoo that

use proper hair care products for lustrous hair

Avoid these mistakes for healthy hair

It is a dream of possibly every human being on earth to have a lustrous mane of hair. But most of you unknowingly do certain things that damage your hair beyond repair. Then when there is hair fall, dandruff and such things you lose your

premature graying of hair is a common problem

Remedies for white hair

This post is regarding the available ayurvedic remedies for white hair. All of us experience graying hair at some point in our lives. Not only is it distressing, but it also lowers our self-confidence. Gray hair might start appearing due to a lot of reasons.


How to apply hair masks? You must know!

Hair masks are very essential for your hair. They provide additional nutrition to the hair and help get rid of various problems like hair fall, dandruff, hair thinning, baldness, gray hair, etc. But it is also essential to know the right technique of applying hair


Green tea hair mask for hair loss

Are you suffering from thinning hair? if yes then green tea can help you! Green tea helps reduce hair loss and thinning of hair.  According to the Amazing Green Tea website, this paper showed that green tea can suppress the production of TNF-alpha, making it a


Reduce hair fall in just 2 washes!

Is it possible to reduce hair fall in just two washes? Yes, it is! With the help of this tiny and yummy fruit, you can reduce hair fall in just two washes. Strawberry it is! The fruit is widely appreciated for its characteristic aroma, bright

smooth and silky hair

How to naturally straighten your hair

We all have a desire to have shiny and smooth straight hair. We do all kinds of damage to our hair to make this wish come true. From using straightening irons to chemical treatments, all damage our hair in the long run. But, what if

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Benefits of Neem Seed Oil for Skin

Neem is one of the most precious gifts of nature. It has various medical benefits. It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and helps treat various skin and hair problems. The various benefits of neem for skin are: 1. Removes pigmentation: It slows down the production