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Alopecia Doctors

Alopecia is a condition in which the immune system attacks the hair follicles which results in hair of that area falling out. The area which loses hair becomes totally bald and smooth. Alopecia affects men and women of all age but mostly less than 20 years of age. This condition is not permanent and is usually treatable.

A doctor specializing in alopecia or an Alopecia Doctor will diagnose the disease through a physical examination and medical history. The doctor will ask for a thorough detail of your medical history. The Alopecia doctor will also ask for the details of your hair loss, examine your scalp and look at the pattern of your hair loss. The Alopecia Doctor might also gently pull out some hair from the affected area.

If the doctor is not clear about the reason for the condition, he/she may also run some tests to know the reason causing the condition. The Alopecia Doctor will do a hair analysis which is basically examination of hair under the microscope. The doctor may also run some tests for specific conditions like overactive or underactive thyroid glands.